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  • Zuzana Malarikova
  • ENCZ
  • +420 725 182 459

Sales & Marketing

You are an exhibition organizer, a journalist or a magazine editor with questions about our company and products - please contact Ms. Zuzana Malarikova

Pre order information

You are a VL3 dealer or a new customer and you have a question about the aircraft, purchase price and/or you are interested in a factory tour – please contact Ms. Zuzana Malarikova

  • Francois Stelandre
  • +420 775 253 133


You want to create your own design of the exterior and interior of VL3 – please contact Mr. François Stelandre

  • Josef Kolář
  • ENCZ
  • +420 608 515 266


You have technical questions or you have already signed the contract (or new version of contract) and need to send technical specifications – please contact Mr. Josef Kolar.


You send your VL3 for maintenance or repair – please contact Mr. Josef Kolar.

  • Jan Forejtek
  • ENCZ
  • +420 777 251 842

Spare Parts

You need to order spare parts - please contact Mr. Jan Forejtek

  • Jiri Marek
  • ENCZ
  • +420 725 170 766


You are a prospective VL3 owner or a VL3 dealer and you have a question about the processes and procedures we employ to ensure the highest level of quality in our aircrafts - please contact Mr Jiri Marek.

Quality and safety are our core values.

  • Hana Holmanova
  • ENCZ
  • +420 725 170 766


Contracts and order forms must be sent to Hana Holmanova.

You are looking for a career with JMB, you need accommodation during a visit to JMB or you need transportation from the airport to JMB’s facilitates - please contact Ms. Hana Holmanova.

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